Innovative, retail-optimized technology makes the SurePOS 700 more valuable to retailers than ever before. The SurePOS 700 packs 10 percent to 50 percent more performance power,2 faster processing and extra storage capacity to drive the most demanding consumer service and enterprise applications. High speed networking enables consumers and employees to rapidly access cross-channel offerings.

Keep your system up and running

Enable your stores to provide customer service on demand with easy to-wake deep sleep, saving up to 47 percent in energy and optimizing staff time. Next Generation Intel technologies deliver power for store applications now and into the future. Easy to wake deep sleep lets POS “nap” and lower energy costs at the same time.

High Serviceability 

Maximize uptime and usability with virtually tool-free, secure and easy front access to internal components. 

Designed to make your business more efficient

With a new low profile, the SurePOS 700 can be placed in more locations while promoting energy efficiency and easy maintenance. Place the system under counters or tight spaces in the store—the SurePOS 700 has discreet air vents on the bezel which prevents overheating.