Foodio Q Manager (Queueing Solution)

Foodio Q Manager (Queueing Solution)
Developed to Reduce diner wait times and promotes better customer service. It helps modernize restaurant reservation services and transform the diner’s experience by eliminating lines of people waiting to eat. It empowers the customers to wait for a table wherever and however they want, decreasing their perceived wait time and improving their experience which preserving the sales of the restaurants.

In addition, franchises with close alternative locations can steer customers to nearby options with shorter wait times. This helps to create a steady flow of traffic to all locations while increasing customer satisfaction at each.
Customers can get on the waitlist for a table from anywhere using their mobile devices or an on-site kiosk and receive updates about their wait times.

Staff can communicate promptly with customers using phone calls or text messages as they move through the queue, reducing on-site wait times up to 75%. With direct access to customers’ mobile phones, restaurants can seat diners quicker if there is a sudden cancellation. These are all the features of Foodio Q Manager that bring customers satisfaction even at peak hours while continue to improve the sales of the restaurant. This similar concept can be used by retail outlets to avoid long queue and improve customer satisfaction.

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