The NCR RealPOS 40 / 60—big performance, smart investment

As a global technology leader, NCR has delivered innovative, best-in-class retail solutions for more than 125 years. Designed for demanding retail environments, the NCR RealPOS 40 / 60 provides outstanding performance, versatility and reliability to enhance customer service and reduce costs while maximizing your point-of-sale (POS) investment.

Superior investment protection

The NCR RealPOS 60 features a powerful, flexible design with durable construction and a long lifespan that reduces your cost of ownership and protects your POS investment. With its small size and big performance, the NCR RealPOS 60 is a smart decision with winning value for your business.

Versatile design

Both NCR RealPOS features a slim all-in-one design and flexible mounting options that enable placement on a counter, pole, bracket or wall. The versatile NCR RealPOS 50 can also be used as a multimedia kiosk for self-service applications. And, you can customize your solution with optional bezel colors to match store aesthetics and branding.

Energy efficient performance

Delivering the best efficiency in its class, the both NCR RealPOS has above 68 percent more energy efficient than prior-generation terminals. This helps your bottom line and the environment.

Outstanding performance

NCR 60 is a powerful system offers the performance of the advanced Intel® Core™ Processor Family, enabling you to quickly respond to new business initiatives and maintain a competitive edge.

Innovative Compact Design

The NCR RealPOS 60 is reshaping point of sale with a sleek modern look that complements today’s retail formats. Remarkably smaller than traditional POS systems, the NCR RealPOS 60 offers a spacesaving design that allows versatile configuration options, conserving valuable checkout space. On another hand, the NCR RealPOS 40 features the smallest form factor in its class, forty percent smaller than its predecessor,